Training Nutrition Research

Long ride yesterday into red neck territory. Note bullet holes in sign.

As coaches it is our duty to test out new sports products that come on the market so we can give our athletes geniune feedback.

Wow. All I can say is that I was glad I didn’t have any others stimulants circulating when I put this down the hatch. POW!

…it was yummy.

Venturing further out (note no bullet holes in this sign) into the mythical landscapes of Edward Abbey.

This is out on the Arizona Strip. It is beautiful. You get that far out and away feeling pretty quickly once you start pedaling.  

Far out places often contain far out people. Usually of the red neck variety in this region. Historically I have done all of my long rides solo, so erring on the side of personal safety I stick closer to town. Now I have a long ride buddy this whole area has opened up for exploration and is calling loudly.

On the way we crossed this dry wash. It was dusty.

Does this look familiar Jeff?

Here is a hint…

Random funky white rock that looked like snow sitting out in the middle of a brown and black burn area. Approaching it I thought it looked like a Polar bear lying on its back in the desert.

Next week we are headed to Moab to do Rim Ride. SS, HT or FS – that is the question. All good choices when it comes down to it. Life is good. Dave said he is looking forward to a weekend in the desert. I told him he lives in the desert now – “oh yeah so I do…”

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  1. I vote for SS with front suspension for the Rim Ride. Oh, and a 32×22 was sure welcome on the Gold Bar Rim climb after 8 hours in the saddle. Have fun!

  2. Hey Linda! I’m doing the RIm ride too. I say bring your SS so that I can catch more than a 5 sec glimpse of you at the start (if I’m lucky).
    Cat Morrison

  3. Glad to here you and Bionic Dave are riding the Rim. I’ll look for you at the start. Yahoooo…

  4. hope you two have fun up there in moab. dave, any decision yet on an exact date for the trans utah ride? still thinking early october?

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