Training Partners

Here are my two regular training partners, Wesley and Emma.

They are always up for a ride and usually in a good mood – though never take pulls. The Snow Canyon park restrooms is a trip highlight, for some reason they love that. They get all mad at me if I bypass it.

The toilets through can be stinky though….

The climb up through the park is 4 miles and takes me about 20 minutes on my road bike. With these guys in tow it takes me 40 minutes. We have another pit stop at the top of the hill so the kids can play and run around for a while. The views from the top are pretty cool.

We get up to about 37 mph on the descent, the kids lean forward holding onto the front of the trailer and scream “go faster mommy”. Yesterday Wesley shouted “mommy go as fast as a race car” LOL! I have some sketchy cantilever brakes on my trailer bike so don’t like to get much faster than that. I imagine it must be a fun ride for them as they are sitting real close to the ground with only a layer of canvas between them and the pavement. Maybe they will be lugers when they grow up. Wesley says Santa is going to bring him a skate board which will be as fast as a race car and will go much faster than my bike.