Trans Rockies – here we come

…and watch out!! This year has been a mission and I plan on extending my scorchmark across the 2006 season at TransRockies next week. I’ve won everything I’ve entered this year, placed up at the podium level with the guys and churned out 6+ watts per kg in my 5 min power tests.

Yep, I’m pumped and ready to get on my bike and ride it a long way thru beautiful BC. I’ll spend plenty of time checking out the big views but am also looking forward to spending plenty of time hanging on to Dave’s rear wheel going places I haven’t gone before.

Follow along with us at the Team HealthFX blogspot Dave set up to phone in stage reports, Mario might post some reports on his blog and I know Adam is gonna be following us. Cycling News covers stages daily as does the TransRockies site.

So there it is, training is a wrap and it is go, go show time….