Trans Rockies

Yep not a Trans Utah blog but a Trans Rockies one – similar names but quite different animals.

On Friday Dave and I are headed off to Canada to race Trans Rockies. We are registered in the open mixed category. The start list for this category is stacked with World Cup and National podium gals. We are going single speed and will have to work hard to squeek onto the podium this time around.

I’m trying to make history ala Dicky who was the first chap to finish Trans Rockies single speed – I’ll be the first chica unless another one beats me to the finish line this year. That’ll be cool. I have learned a ton about training and racing single speeds this year and I am sure a few more lessons will be handed out to me at TR.

The last few weekends have been gripping arm chair racing with 24 hour solo Worlds and 24 hour National Championships. Nationals had super slick real time results. Dave and I were glued to the screen watching our athletes pull off their races. Danielle and Sarah both made me super proud to be their coach coming in 2nd and 3rd in the solo womens field. Nice work girls – you both nailed the plan!! Fran pulled off a 3rd place in the single speeds which had us on the edge of our seats until the end – Fran you get the most improved athlete award for this year – cool! The mixed duo category was a real battle. Mario and Heidi ended up with the silver this year.

Rebecca Rusch won Worlds again and Pua won Nationals again. The Aussie men killed it at Worlds taking the top four spots. JayP took the top American spot at Worlds in 9th. At Nationals Chris Eatough took the mens title.

And all of that gets me fired up to race my gears again…to race with the big dogs.

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  1. meh, ya’ll don’t need gears to ‘race with the big dogs.’
    been there done that, enjoy your new journey.

    good luck in Canukistan eh.

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