Trans Utah flyover: first 145 miles (warning! spoiler potential)

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At Trans Rockies each night the course designer would give us a course overview - big screen, 3D Google Earth flyovers.


It's pretty easy to put one together, so here's the first 145 miles of Trans Utah.  Things to look for:

- a popular local trail in the first few miles
- an early river crossing.  It will likely be dark for this one.
- high speed desert cruising
- a climb up the Hurricane cliffs
- Little Creek mesa
- Goulds/Jem singletrack
- The climb up bright red Smith Mesa (yes, it's that bright)
- Climbing in Zion NP
- Kolob Res
- The end of the track is where the Virgin River Rim trail begins...

Should be a good first day, eh?

If y'all like this vid I'll create them for the entire route.  It really is a lot different on the ground, but this gives a good idea of the major landforms we'll pass through/over.


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  1. Man, I am so bummed to be missing this inaugral event. Next year, I think I’m gonna skip all the Adventure Races, and do as many of these multiday bike races as I can.


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