Trans Utah is off!

The Trans Utah boyz are on their way. All took an early start option to hopefully stay ahead of the storm forecast to hit Utah. If the storm becomes reality and dumps snow down to the 6500 feet mark that will be the first time in October I have seen that since moving to Southern Utah in 1996.

Marshall started some time on Wednesday. Err I’m not sure exactly when… so I am already falling down on my job as the official race transcriber. I need some tips from Jill.

Here is Marshall’s Spot page. He camped last night at the Divide below Little Creek and has just finished up the Jem Trail at the moment.

Here is Dave Nice’s Spot Page. Dave started at 3am Thursday morning. Right now he is ticking along towards Coyote Spring SW of St George.

Dave Harris doesn’t have a Spot. As of 3am this morning he couldn’t find his frame bag and hadn’t packed his gear. He got rolling at 5:15am Thursday morning. He will call in from Cedar City, maybe Brian Head and Tropic.

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  1. Nice. It appears that Marshall’s SPOT Unit is on Pacific time, no? If so, he started Wednesday at 5:20AM Mountain time. Does that sound right?

  2. Lynda, you’re doing a great job! Thanks for the updates!

    Is it just those three guys that are riding it this year? Is anyone else planning to start Friday morning? Just curious. Still bummed I’m not out there. Although it would be quite harrowing to get stuck out in a downpour on some clay-based trail and have to wade back through peanut butter and quicksand. That in my opinion is much scarier than snow.

    Wishing the guys the best of luck and driest of weather! Thanks again for posting updates.

  3. So far it is just Marshall, Dave and Dave. I don’t know the status of Fred and Mike and if they are starting at the originally scheduled time of 3am on Friday. Obviously I’m not riding.

    This morning down here in the desert the weather is fabulous.

    Clay & water & wheels…not a happy combo…

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