Trans Utah V3.0

Trans Utah is getting an upgrade.  Based on last years running, and the fact that nobody has completed the course yet, here’s where it’s headed:

– Route.  Marshal’s experience in particular up Kolob road was not at all what I had in mind when designing the route.  Kolob road is getting the ax.  Seeing how that was a critical piece of the jigsaw puzzle major changes are going to be required.  The issue is getting to the E side of  Zion – there are few good options off-road.  I’ve been doing some exploring in a completely new direction…it will be big, hard, and beautiful!

– Date.  The “start date” is in the same spirit as AZT300, CTR, GDR, TD:  it is merely a recommended time to start the course so that everyone can do a “group ITT” and benefit from some camaraderie on the trail.  Of course you can opt to do it at any time you see fit.  Last year’s start put riders into an early snowstorm, and this years date is right on top of the 24 hours of Moab.  This year’s start will be earlier – exact date is not locked down but Sep 26 has been suggested to take advantage of moon cycles and other calendar conflicts.  I’m open to suggestions, but leaning hard towards accepting the suggested Sep 26 date.

– Finish.  This year’s route will end in Boulder, UT. 

In the meantime, I’ll be working on that revised route, ‘splorin and collecting GPS tracks, sunburns and smiles.  LW and I may even tour the route early-summer :)  Somebody has got to finish this beast!

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  1. Sounds like a great adventure! As you’re collecting your GPS tracks, you might think about saving them on a free service like where you can keep them private or publish them for friends/family. You can also customize tracks with photos or video, too. Enjoy the rides!

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