location/name mile Dist from prev Elevation Terrain this section comments
Start: Mormon Temple 0     pavement Sep 26, 4AM, East side of temple on 400E between 300S and 400S.  Paved crossing of St George, all together/no drop until Sunshine trail
Left to Sunshine Trail 12 12 2811 mixed singletrack/doubletrack/wash bottom new addition for 2009
Join dirt road, E 17.8 5.8 3300 jeep trail  
Coyote spring 23 5.2 3439 jeep trail Reliable water source.  A bit limey, best bet is to skip it in favor of Virgin.  Fine in a pinch.   Look left at end of sweeping turn.
fort pearce wash 28 5 3160 wash crossing on jeep road may hold water in wet periods
right on Honeymoon Trail 30.3 2.3 3500 jeep/ATV trail climb historic honeymoon trail.  Signed (big sign).  Used by mormon couples in the AZ strip in the wagon years who came to stg for temple weddings.  Seeing an area theme yet?
gould spring 41.5 11.2 4286   nasty if wet - rumors are it's currently dry
E to Jem trail 43.6 2.1 4089 singletrack The Jem is well signed.  Big Zion views.
sheep bridge 52.65 9.05 3516 pave climb up smith mesa, then dirt road cross virgin river.  A couple restaurants/gift shops due E on hwy.  No water until Kolob creek at ~ mile 89.
left uphill 75.3 22.65 4818 pave, then dirt road Kolob road:  travels through Zion National Park.  No fees collected here.
Left 108 32.7 9168 pavement  
C trail 111 3 8252 singletrack C trail descent down Cedar Mountain.  Look left for trail signs.
Cedar City 118 7 5850 pavement The GPS route will guide you through town - but you may take any route you prefer through town so long as you do it under your own power.  Every service imaginable here…
Hwy 14 118 0 5850-8300 Pavement climb 2 lane HWY, main route from Cedar City to the Markagunt Plateau.  Some blind corners and marginal shoulder in spots.  Use caution here, not recommended for night travel.
Woods Ranch, S 129 11 8260 jeep trail climb  
VRRT 131.7 2.7 9188 singletrack begin virgin river rim trail
Navajo lake trail 141.2 9.5 9069 singletrack singletrack circumnavigates Navajo Lake.  Potential for services at SW end of lake, check here:  http://www.navajolakelodge.com/index.html  The owner claims he will be open until mid Oct, hours 8-8, showers, gas station type food, lodging is a possibility.  If weather is bad for an extended period he will close early...
Navajo Lodge (approx location) 148.3 7.1 9182
L end VRRT 165.5 17.2 8806 atv trail leave VRRT about 100 yards before it's SE terminus; head down ATV trail
harris rim ATV trail 167.3 1.8 ATV/dirt road
Hwy 14 E 179.5 12.2 7827 pavement E on hwy to Long junction
Long Junction 183 3.5 7575 pavement to dirt well stocked gas station, an oasis.
Pole Cany TH 196.1 13.1 8400 singletrack fairly hidden entrance to national forest trail.  Look left, under/near telephone line.
Grandview trail 197.4 1.3 8984 singletrack/ATV begin Grandview trail on the Paunsaugunt plateau.  Look carefully at signs, the Grandview intertwines with the Paunsaugunt ATV trail for a few miles.  The route follows the Grandview trail.
Robinson Guzzler 203.5 6.1 8982 singletrack/ATV important water source, somewhat hard to find.  Look far downhill for a small wood/metal covered opening (there are more than one), one of them is full of rain collected water.  The next 25ish miles are very rugged, primitive in spots, sandy, slow.
water cany #1 207.5 4 7646 singletrack sometimes holds water - not always.
water cany #2 215.5 8 8014 singletrack have always seen water here, more reliable than #1
Mill creek 217.8 2.3 7810 ?? Leave the Grandview trail - it gets much worse ahead.  Disclaimer:  I have not been up Mill creek, track of this ascent is an approx location.  From the top of the climb, descend towards pipeline canyon and rejoin the Grandview.  Leave Grandview trail at the Lower Podunk Trailhead
Stock tank 232.9 15.1 6952 doubletrack this was a great water source in the fall of 2007 - have not been there since.  Piped water into a stock tank.
Skutumpah road 234.7 1.8 6689 gravel Easy cruising on Skutumpah road through the Grand Staircase National Monument.
Tropic 256 21.3 6388 pave to gravel gas station, restaurant, bakery, several lodging options.  Bankers hours!
Henderson Canyon TH 261.5 5.5 6700 singletrack Begin a long, scenic, dry singletrack climb to pass above Pine Lake.  Pine lake has a campground, potable water (season dependent)
GWT ATV route 273.1 11.6 8245 forest road 2000' climb on good surface.  Road is signed "GWT ATV route"
Powell point out and back 279 5.9 10164 jeep trail/singletrack Out and back to Powell point.  One of the best vantage points in the world.  Used by Powell in the 19th century USGS explorations.  Called Escalante Mountain locally.
Great Western Trail 301 22 10289 mostly singletrack Join the Great Western Trail.  Signage is decent in some places, non-existant in others.  Conditions vary widely from flowy fun to blowdown tree hopping, clear trail to non-existant route.  GPS will help here.  The next 23 miles are quite slow going.
Leave GWT: S 324.3 23.3 8153 2 track Detour on forest roads around a 2k' hike a bike.  Pass Blue Spruce CG.
SE towards Hell's Backbone 326.1 1.8 7861 maintained forest road Scenic section directly North of Box Death Hollow wilderness area
Roger's Peak TH 331.4 5.3 9245 doubletrack to singletrack after a short segment on 2 track look for the roger's TH sign.  Rejoin GWT in 1 3/4 miles.  Challenging but scenic to Mcgath lake.
Leave GWT 339 7.6 9600 ATV trail to forest roads to pavement begin the (more or less) descent to the finish.  Road Draw ATV trail rips it's way down, then rolling forest roads to HWY 12.
Finish: Burr Trail Grill 354 15 6644 Finish at the intersection of HWY 12 and the Burr Trail, right at the Burr Trail Grill.