TU preliminary route posted

Head on over to the forum and grab the GPX.  Google Earth it, I dare ya!

 Some bits in the route will get shuffled for the final version, but not by much.  This will be plenty to get your planning in action.

Please use the forum for TU questions.  I’ll answer any questions straight up to the best of my ability – no hiding special/insider info.  I’m also working on adding waypoints for key turns, water sources, and stores.

4 replies on “TU preliminary route posted”

  1. So, have you biked the dirt road that connects the Kolob Road to Webster Flat (and western trail head for the VRRT), crossing the southern flank of Black Mtn? Last time I tried, it had a big gate across the road w/ No Trespassing sign near where the road crosses Adams Hollow. Just curious, because I’d like to try that route again if it’s open.

  2. TK – I haven’t. That’s on the todo list with the moto. Thanks for the heads up, I’ll report back status after the scout….and possibly a different route ;)

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