Typical January

This weekend was what I like to think of as a typical January weekend in StG – it was a beauty. Low 60’s and calm. On Saturday I went for a great 4 hour road ride so Sunday was dirt time.

All the trails are steadily drying out and Dave emerged from his winter hibernation to sample the dirt.

I tossed my chain off my SS cranking through a dip and sampled the dirt more¬†intimately¬†than I wanted with a full body ground slam. It was one of those fast falls where you are on the ground before you know it thinking WTF. I stood up and declared I’m selling this bike. It’s time with me is over!! Luckily no damage to me or the bike.

Dave took his turn about an hour later. Light damage.

We laid some gps tracks down on Dino trail to include it in the Camp Lynda Day 1 route. Dino trail was in prime shape with the sandy bits nicely packed down.

I love winter late afternoon orange glow and long shadows

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