Up on the Goose

My legs are back and I swung them over my SS for a couple of hours up on Gooseberry at the weekend – very, very nice. Here is the last pic my camera took before it died. Best Buy says I should have it back by Christmas – well hopefully. Twas a super nice day and I got to meet a couple of new riders, fast Eddie and Lukas. Eddie stayed behind me as he didn’t know the trail too well but occasionally it got too much for him and he burst away and was gone for a few minutes until he lost the trail again.

I was the designated tour guide for the ride. I get turned around in the Bowls and Ledges area and had us riding in circles for a while. Just when I’d declared I didn’t know where the **** we were Joel saved the day and found a trail marker – we make a good team :-)

Back at the trailhead I fooled the new guys into thinking I was Betty Crocker handing out brownies!! Actually Wesley made them…

Here is a random pic of Emma just ’cause she is so darn cute. She is dancing with and singing to her Barbie. She likes to pick out her own outfits and accessorize too. She already has talents I’ll never acheive.

I have a 21 lb turkey in the fridge – anyone want to come over for Thanksgiving dinner? 6pm.