what’s that saying about boxing?

We’ve had some requests.

What about the “burning one down and ripping around the woods for five or six hours” approach? Anyone want to see my data?

¬†Well no woods here in the desert, but lotsa hills. 70 miles, 5:50, 360 TSS, 0.783 IF. Route: 2.5 Blakes climbs. Uh huh…

The juicy part was the middle 3.5 hours with 8k+ climbing. Big threshold time bin.

Power:weight ratios are always a key metric to look at.

So now we have 3 weeks to Vision Quest Рour first big race on the SS machines to see if our interpretation of SS training applies to SS racing. 

what’s that saying about boxing?
“everybody has a plan until they get
punched in the face….”

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