White Rim in a Day

The day after Rim Ride, Dave and I indulged our 2-Epic hearts and rode White Rim.

The weather was wild all day. It is raining in this picture above but the sun was out. It made the fantastic views surreal. The section from White Crack to Murphy’s hogback was an hour long near white moment for me.

I geared up with a 34×18 for the ride. This made the usual granny gear grunt up Murphy’s into a hike.

The wind was out in force. We had some awesome tail winds where I was spun out at 18 mph with tumble weeds accelerating past me along with eyeball sandblasting headwinds and gusts that lifted up me and my bike at times.

The stormy conditions must have kept everyone at home as it seemed we had White Rim to ourselves for the day – very few others on the road.

I had my mp3 going most of the day. I loaded it up with Mahokey’s recent 4 mixes which I hadn’t listened too. The new tunes definitely added to the flowy forever cruising. Wheels humming, tunes humming, smiling kinda cruising.

For hours I cruised along grooving to the music, rubber necking at the mad views with my crack buddy Dave in sync about 50 yards behind. I’d check back every now and then and he was spinning with an ear to ear grin. Our bubble floated around White Rim slightly removed from the real world in a place called happyland.

Near the end of the day the manic rose up and we both decided to make it up the Mineral switchbacks without walking. Dave was much faster but I did it – ground a 34 x 18 up with no hoofing. It surely is a fantastic climb.

Next up is Dawn ’til Dusk for us, both racing solo but with a cunning 2-Epic strategy brewing again. Sedona Big Friggin Loop is the next day and…well doing both would be manic right?

7 replies on “White Rim in a Day”

  1. You guys should really try and put some miles in. If you want to be competitive you need miles in your legs. All you seem to do are these 100 mile rides everyday, and while I know that SEEMS like a lot, you ought to at least double what you are doing.


    I’d have to say the manic/crack is off the charts this year for you guys!

  2. You guys have graduated from being simple crackheads to another level I’m still trying to find words for….!


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