Winter quarters

While the majority of cyclists turn to winter sports this time of year, or worse ride their bikes through the winter months (hi Mitch!)…I like to fly south for the winter.  Call me soft if you will, but trust me I’ve logged plenty of snowbound fender weather miles.  It doesn’t make me any faster to do so and it sure is more fun in southern Arizona.

Wednesday I got reacquainted with one of my local faves, 4 Peaks road:

One of the coolest things about coming back down to lower elevations is that what was previously L5 power is now L4 power.  You’d never know it was that much of a difference without a power meter!  Here’s the file: 4 Peaks Road: Dave.

Here’s what my office looks like in AZ.  A lot different than in CO!

Here’s the mastermind behind the decor (pick one):

All in all, ’06 is getting of to a smashing start. 

Anyone have any New Year’s resolutions you’d like to share?  Here’s mine:  spend less time on the computer.

Happy New year’s y’all, here’s to great things in ’06!