100,00 mile checkup

One of the most challenging aspects of staying on top of my game is understanding how to manage change.  You’d think that if it worked once it would work again, right?  Nope.  It is never that simple.  The reality is things are always in flux.  Understanding the ebb and flow of this (un)raveling ball of string has taken the forefront of my conciousness of late.

These periods of seeking elightenment often come about as a result of enexpected results.  Yes, OP is what I’m talking about.  Perfect prep, showing up with (I thought) perfect form, only to be taken out with GI issues.  At first I chalked it up to something outside of my control.  But was it? 

Maybe not.  Both LW and I knew there was a lesson in this one…but I had no idea.  It was time to let go of the bikes for a bit and see what showed up between my ears.  For the first time in a couple years CTL is below 100! 

I’ll thank my parents for a gnarly family history for the first checkup to make sure there is  no gum in the works.  The dreaded colonoscopy was Tuesday.  They did take pictures but they are not that exciting – let me know if  you really want to see them.  It did provide fodder for endless conversation with Wes (LWs 9 yo boy.  Ever hear of the “Magic Schoolbus?”  An animated kids movie of a school bus going through a human intestistinal track…he was most interested in the point of entry/exit).  Wed began the dental work – cleaning turned into an all day affair and liquid diet.  Thu was even better with wisdom teeth extraction.  This one was a bigger deal than I anticipated, including lots of bone graft to the pieces of jawbone removed and a 2 week course of antibiotics.  No spitting, drinking through straws or exercise for 2 days!  I’ve developed insomnia :)  The happy gas as they call it was a real treat though.  Way better than getting knocked out.

So…this impromtu training break leads to a lot of new thoughts and understanding.  The training part I have pretty dialed these days, but the real trick is to keep high training volumes fueled optimally in a way that allows your body to make the most of it and still work as it needs to.  Easier said than done because when caloric needs rise they get filled with sub-optimal fuels (apple pie, anyone?).  I think as I age I can’t get away with laziness in the kitchen as much as before.  Lots of ideas to try out!  A gluten free diet is at the top of the list.  The guys over at First Endurance have some interesting things to say about it as it pertains to athletes, and CVV leans that way.  Us enduro nuts do things with our bodies evolution didn’t prepare us for.  If we’re gonna be bull-headed about it we better get smart!

A rare steam of consciousness blog.  Now for some visual content.

Emma never  hikes alone.

3 generations!

There’s a hidden gnome in there.

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  1. That age and diet thing sucks. Lately it seems like a 100 cal morsel puts on 300 cals, even with exercise! When u get that figured out, let us know. Did the doc pull your sweet tooth?

  2. Brad – look at the bright side, that just means you are getting more efficient! Sweet teeth were sadly left intact.

  3. A college buddy of mine started up a gluten-free beer company a few years back. So it can’t be entirely painful.

    Colonoscopy and Wisdom teeth on back-to-back days? Sounds like you have the answer to the quiz game we used to play as kids “Which is worse…..?”

  4. It’s not even close, the wisdom teeth are worse by orders of magnitude. The colonoscopy itself is not even remembered….the mouth full of stitches coming loose and aching jaw remain. There was actually 2 crowns done the day between them so technically not back to back days.

    Matt, sometime we need to talk shit over a gluten free beer. Literally :)

  5. I don’t think gluten causes me any issues but following a gluten free diet eliminates a lot of garbage calories. It just makes it easier to eat well.

    And I like wine way better than beer :-)


  6. Yes, there are a lot of people that may indeed have a real intolerance to gluten. The good tests to diagnose true food intolerances are few and far between. But, those that do not have a gluten insensitivity have no real reason to stay away from it. As Ed said, though, for some people it does help them to eliminate a lot of junk food in their diet.

    Anyway, good luck figuring it out…and I’m always up for a good nutrition related conversation :)


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