10k Foray, part I

The hills are opening up quickly.  Despite the cool moist weather the past few weeks, it’s dry to the top of Jones creek trail now.  It’s a bit moist over 9k, but I only had to go around one small snowbank.

Here’s what it looks like at 9600′.

Even the NW facing wet slopes were free of snow.

Why blog this?  Well for one, I feel darn lucky every year this time to have this sort of terrain an hours ride from my front door.  But most importantly, this spot is about 60 miles as the crow flies from the higher elevations of the Grand Loop – and within 300′ of the highest elevations as well. 

Given that the long range weather forecast has nuthing but sun and more sun + rising temps, a May 19th Grand Loop expedition is ON.  Of course, I’ll go check out the high points of the Tab this weekend just to make sure ;)

It’s climbing season!