24 Hours of Moab

I’ll be there.

I was, then I wasn’t, then I was with the kids coming too and then I wasn’t and now I am without the kids…Whew – logistic mania. I’m not even racing.

I’m really looking forward to coming and not racing. I’ll ride a few laps on Friday with some of my athletes and get to hang out Friday evening all relaxed and not having to think too much about the race. I’ll be doing support for Dave and maybe FredW too at night. Just let me know if you need me Fred.

Last year it was a crazy race. Here’s the visual prior to the start. This was before the downpour started!!

This year the forecast is dry. Much nicer hopefully.

I’ll be buzzing around the course showing the secret lines to my guys on my Black 29er single speed Gary Fisher Rig on Friday. Or if I’m really lucky I’ll be on a Siren 55er demo SS. We will be hanging out at camp in the solo area on Friday evening. Say hi and come and chat if you see me. I’m in social mode not racer mode this time :-) Ask me your last minute coaching questions and I will wave my hands around and spread my sage advice all over the world… We are pitting with the Siren crew, Fred and should have a Desert Cyclery banner. Come find us.

Here is one of the secret lines. Moab tip: don’t follow guys in front of you. Follow the gals in pink ;-)