8 years


With much fanfare and two parties Wesley turned eight years old

He’s been waiting to join Scouts – ya haveta be 8 yrs old. Tonight was the first chance and it was a fundraiser cake auction. Wesley made a cake to donate.

More cake

It sold for $24 and was one of the cheaper ones… Emma did manage to bid on a cupcake with her dollar.

No pictures here but the big news of the day is Emma is riding her bike without training wheels now. She took off this evening unencumbered by me hovering or the training wheels and found the freedom of herself and two wheels. She was flushed and giddy and wanted more. Do I hear mini me?

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  1. ahhhhh — THAT MOMENT……. of leaving the t-wheels behind, balancing in the freedom of two wheels and motion. do you remember your first two-wheeled-freedom-moment, lynda?!?!? it would be neat to hear all the crack-head freedom moments, no? (i’m serious — i want to hear everyone’s stories!)

    mine: sparkly blue sccchhhwin with riser handlebars; mother holding the rear of the seat as i circled around and around the top part of our big driveway… until the phone rang, when she prompty let go without warning and ran inside to get it……. immediate FreeBliss! and i was OFF! down the 1/4 mile driveway all on my own… never to return as the same child again ;-)

    happy birthday Wesley, and congratulations to MinniYou.


  2. JJ,

    I dont remember the moment and I have been racking my brains cause as sure as anything it musta happened.

  3. I’m not so sure that moment did happen for you Lynda. My bet is you were born with crack on two wheels.

  4. well, lynda, it musta happened at some point, crack included, one way or another ;-) thank GOODNESS!!! ;-)

    hope you are doing well!


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