A weekend in Abbey country

It’s time to let the cows outta the barn one more time, letting them roam far and wide across the mesas, mountains and canyons of SE Utah.  Day 1 is this route below.  It’s got some of everything and is prolly my favorite 105 miles of mostly pavement around.  It isn’t fast…but the terrain ranges from desert near Mexican Hat to PJ forests near Natural Bridges NM.  It crosses Comb Ridge twice, and if you’ve read the “Monkey Wrench Gang” that should resonate.  If you haven’t do so soon!

The next day will be a little jaunt of my favorite stomping grounds, the White Rim.  With Shafer’s closed, we’ll start at Potash.

Did  I say we?  Yep, Mr. Plesko will join in on the fun.

From a training perspective, this weekend is all about making the most of what ya got.  2-3 weeks before 24s  I like to drill a weekend effort.  Does it raise FT?  Not likely.  But what it does do is help you to go a lot longer before you begin to fade, shake out nutrition ideas for the event, and really figure out if your bike fit is gonna work out.  But honestly, besides the training mumbo jumbo, it’s a great excuse to tromp around the scenic center of the universe in a semi-socially acceptable endorphin producing state.  And that is what it is really all about, isn’t it?

A month or two ago I posted a pic of my planned build for OP.  Here’s the actual build – at least up to today, beyond today the values are obviously predicted.  I still have a long ways to go, which is great – I couldn’t have said that this time last year.  But, considering where I was 7 weeks ago, I couldn’t be happier.  The body is an amazing thing…it’s healing powers are nothing short of magical.  Don’t take it for granted and treat yours right!