Another epic weekend?

The training plan calls for one more epic weekend before moving on to new things.  This may be taunting the weather gods, but I’ll head to the Moab area one last time this year.  On deck is another White Rim loop and the Dewey Bridge to Moab section of the Kokopelli Trail:

Curiak puts on an “unofficial” self-supported race on the full Kokopelli trail in May.  Looks brutal, so of course I’m interested.  This is a scouting mission, the primary task being find out where water is available!  The race hasn’t been completed by a woman yet so guess who has set her sights on the event?  Must be a super slow course with a lot of sand in the lower sections as the course record is just under 15 hours.  Maybe 2 hours of that is filtering water. 

As of last weekend it was clear sailing at 8500′ in the La Sals, but the weather is getting increasingly grumpy…so it could turn out to be 2 WR rides…or less if old man  winter shows up in full force.

This weekend will have CTL rising to the 135 range.  I don’t spend much time at these levels outside of race season, so it’ll be time to dump some of that and trade it in for some good ol’ L5 block work, which will lead to the final build for Old Pueblo.  What is this dribble, you ask?  More details on that in the near future.