Arming Up

Wes got a skate board for Christmas – begged Santa…and it has been propped up against the wall since one spill trying it out on xmas day

Enter our new body armor collection! Time for another go!!

He tried a few different methods to start. I keep forgetting you can’t learn stuff like this from your mom. I had to bite my lip (and was mostly unsuccessful!)

But he managed to ignore me

Took a couple of spills that were TOTALLY saved by the elbow pads and quickly got going fast enough he was hard to catch on film.

Like this mom? Wes let her have one little try then grabbed it right back. Suddenly the skate board is the hot ticket.

…and the motor scooter is now so yesterday!!

3 replies on “Arming Up”

  1. “Butt-boarding” is the popular variant of skateboarding around here, or was until they got comfortable standing on it.

  2. Going to show my daughter these pics of Wes and Emma in their armor to see what she thinks. Hoping it will give her incentive to get out and ride!

  3. I’m always amazed how they can go MONTHS and not touch a toy, then all of the sudden HAVE to play with it. At least they’re outside and having fun. Cheers!

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