Springbreak Arizona Trail bikepack trip

I love this AZT sign! After Scott posted this pic I had to go there to see and smell for myself…our spring break bikepack destination was sealed. The new Antelope Peak section trail that bypasses the gas line and Gila River Canyons sections needed my tracks. Click on the links for photos because Scott’s pics […]

Church Rocks – Prospector – Leeds Reef – Silver Reef – Icehouse – Dino Cliffs

Awesome 40 mile trail hook up yesterday with DH, Kenny and Heather. To download the gpx of this file plug this http://app.strava.com/rides/3379510 into this handy tool http://cosmocatalano.com/strava-gpx-export/ and click export Here is the route visual: Church Rocks Prospector Trail Leeds Reef Trail looking at Red Cliffs This is not a recommended way to see a […]