Big Pine Spring

My latest obsession is finding the biggest climb I can ride from my house. I live at 2800ft and we reached 7464 feet today in 2 hours and 10 minutes and 17 miles. Here is the GPS file. Blue is speed and orange is altitude.

Not a bad climb at all. There are a few more enticing roads leading away from Big Pine Spring meadow begging for me to explore. I may not have found the biggest climb yet. This one took us up a couple of ecosystems from the St George desert oven. ’twas beautiful.

I had the pleasure of DaveH’s company on the ride today. Not to be confused with this Dave H. How lucky am I to have two friends, both named Dave H who are fun to ride with and can rip around on their bikes?

The colors up at Big Pine Spring meadow are beautiful with the contrast of charred trees from a fire last year, new bright green scrub oak and fern regrowth and purple, red and orange spring flowers.

DaveH and I have cute matching Epics and almost got our outfits matching today.

A very splendid morning out on the bike.

Wesley’s arm is healing well and he is back to running around like a crazy boy. We had a wee oops today when he reached into a pool to grab a sinking toy car with his cast arm. That one took a while to dry off with the hairdryer.  I think we saved it and won’t have to replace the cast. ..and he has learned how to play his GameBoy with one hand.

Read of the week: Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer. I’m halfway through it. So far it gets 2 stars – ok, but not a gripper. It chronicles a wacky character who loses his grip on reality and dies in the Alaskan wilderness.