Binge Over

My four day single speed binge is over and it was splendid fun. Ride times were 4:44, 4:24, 4:37 and err 1:35. I got distracted the last day with an invite to go goof around on Gooseberry Mesa. We spent half the day up there but ride time only tallied up to 1:35…

Not so much pedaling goes on up at the Goose but lots of playing about on bikes.

Nice one Lucas.

not so many folks make this wee steep one

Eddie the dog made the Goose loop smiling the whole way.

After the ride we went down into Hurricane to visit Quentin and DJ Morissette’s new bike shop. Set to open next month and called Over The Edge Sports. Yep just like the Fruita one. Here is Quentin on the deck of the new shop. It is on the right just before heading out of Hurricane up the big hill to Gooseberry and Little Creek. 76E 100S, Hurricane. They are good folks and I wish them luck with their new business.

Now Thanksgiving is over we can start the yuletide fever. Is it really still only November?