12 replies on “Boring November Blogging”

  1. I am 3.
    I am not stealth training, and as a matter of fact I am sinking to new lows in order to make lower highs seem even better next year.
    I have nothing to blog about, but I am content making stuff up.

  2. Cyclocross cyclocross cyclocross
    Started beginning of September, ends mid-February.
    Intervals intervals intervals
    Sneaking in some purely-pleasure mountain bike rides
    So looking forward to the competition between kids’ soccer games and mom and dad cyclocross races ending.

  3. a version of 2…doing stuff – but boring to everyone but myself… you know you are reaching new lows when you blog about a bathroom stall conversation..

  4. 1.37 ish. Cyclocross racing has latched onto me and I can’t help myself. Definitely not training hard for it but I am riding myself cross-eyed in the races and it has kept me motivated to ride a bit more during the week.

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