Boxing gloves & dancin’ shoes

We’re off!  Time to find out what this SS racing thing is all about.  The training is done, the gear is set (I think), not much left to do but get to the start line at 5:30 AM.  That’s early even for me…it’s only 55 miles not sure why so early.  Gawd ignorance is bliss sometimes ;)

 The SS is supposed to be simple, but on a geary you sure don’t have to think about what gear to run now do ya?  And on a SS there prolly isn’t a more pertinant decision to be made.  I’ve learned I hate being bogged down on the steeps and am coming with a tiny gear.  The past few weeks every time I put a bigger cog on the power & speed goes up,  not down.  Well, I’ve run out of cogs to test so I guess I’m all set.

The other equipment choice is rear wheel.  Use the heavy PT training wheel or put a lightweight racing wheel on?  Well that’s really a no-brainer, right?  It’s the PT of course.  This serious data collection mode knows no boundaries apparently.  In ’05 I raced almost everything with this beat up old PT wheel and that data is valuable to this day.  The Edge 305 is on the bars too, I have a beta version of TopoFusion that integrates power and GPS data.  I can’t resist that!

There’s some steep stuff on this course.  Towards the top of the first climb there are some sustained pitches approaching 20%.  Fun stuff!

What goes up must come down and it sounds like there has been a ton of trail work to make the singletrack descents fun and fast.  The Warrior’s Society is all about trail maintenence and long complicated emails.  Never having been there I hope I don’t have to think too hard, there isn’t likely to be any Os leftover for that activity.

 The boxing gloves are packed, but I’m hoping I’ll only need the dancin’ shoes.

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