Brr, Brr, windy, windy reported Fair and Breezy, 45F with 32mph winds, wind chill 37F. 

I’m gonna have to change the weather site on my favorites as I take issue with 32 mph wind being described as “breezy” ’cause it nearly blew me off my frigging bike. 37F with wind chill is stay indoors time for desert dwellers like moi but this winter I have decided to be tough and ride any way – so I did. It felt like a hard ride but the power meter tells a totally different story. Gotta get this cold thing figured out. It is winter right?

Entire ride (141w):

Duration: 2:37:48

Work: 1336 kJ

TSS: 137.7 (intensity factor 0.724)

Norm Power: 174

Distance: 38.514 mi


Power:           141 watts

Heart Rate:    135 bpm

Cadence:       78 rpm

Speed:          14.7 mph