Buffalo Creek

I’ve heard about the flowy trails at Buffalo Creek and got to sample a few of them with a couple fellow bike addicted chickas – a very rare treat for me. The ladies were zippy. I had to take the lead to slow things down! Ride stats in the end were 22 miles of single-track, 2:23, 118 TSS and 0.703 IF.

These gals are about the same size as me so it was cool to check out how they had their bikes set up and what gloves etc they found to fit. Jen is one tough gal, she is off to Canada shortly to do a six day adventure race. That is six days non-stop. They plan to sleep about an hour per night!

The trails were fab. These gals can ride their bikes up and down. I was impressed.  I only have climbing pics as I was having too much fun ripping down the descents with them to whip out the camera.

Flowers busting out.

Cynthia rocks a super sexy little rigid SS.

Bike chickas.