Bug days

Yesterday was one of those days, the kind where you’re blindsided faster than your reflexes can handle.  So, after wrestling with multiple projects it was time to hit the trails for a bit.  I haven’t felt this good on a bike since GLR ’07, surely a couple hours on Barrel Roll will be the perfect prep for Dawn til Dusk.

Sometimes you’re the windshield…

The trail was perfect.  Spring wildflowers are popping up everywhere – cactus blooms, indian paintbrush, blankets of tiny yellow and purple flowers (lyf’s and lpf’s for the technically minded), and these shrubs with wonderful yellow daisy-like blooms.  Enough flowers that they filled the senses.  The power meter was telling me good things too – this day was turning around.  Time for one more lap of Barrel Roll.

 Sometimes you’re the bug…

It was breezy but not too bad.  Sometimes in these parts trail choice is dictated by winds.  There are places it’s best to save for another day if the gusts are really kicking in.  Getting blown off your bike happens.  I’ve been turned around on the Blake’s climb cause I couldn’t even keep the bike on a jeep road. 

So anyway, coming up to this spot

 it didn’t really occur to me to not ride the tech bits on the cliff face cause of the wind.  Just as I was dropping the steep rock face a particularly nasty gust hit me and pushed me just far enough that I clipped a boulder on the way down and over the bars I went. 

Crunches in stereo.  Oh shit, not again…

Another trip to the xray tech, another session with a new doctor in a new town.  Turns out nothing is broken but the AC joint may have separated and is certainly strained, and might also have some deltoid damage.  “Nothing that a couple weeks won’t take care of young feller” says my new doc.

 No DTD for me.  No BFL either.  It’s one thing to get busted up during an event, it’s entirely another to get busted up days before one on which you had set your sights.  Manic crack with no outlet is really hard to handle. 

It’s a whole lot easier being busted up when you’re spent.

18 replies on “Bug days”

  1. Awww, crap! When it rains it pours. I know you’ll heal fast, but I’m sure your pretty friggin’ tired of healing fast…

  2. ahh, not again, you gots to quit doing this sort of thing, maybe you need one of those trainer/simulators things with a big screen and a power meter, no wait you probably have two already….

    Hey take care and get better soonest!!

    also…..missing that desert bridge too……………………………

  3. Don’t call me if you want to know how “minor” an AC tear is :-(

    Good speed and luck at D2D.

  4. Which bike were you riding? You blame the wind but I would blame the gears 8-)

    All kidding aside, heal fast. It sucks missing an event but it happens. Glad nothing is broken.

  5. Dave, that truly sucks…but you have a history of healing very quickly so I am sure this will only be minor speed bump. It’s a bummer you have to miss two events as a result though. Heal up fast and come race the 18 hours of Fruita. Yeehaaw!

    New proposed rule for DH: trainer rides only the week prior to big events. :)

  6. Bummer man… not to worry, I’m sure you’ll return from the being The Ball back to the Louisville Slugger soon..

  7. In future all training rides shall be equipped with Training Wheels!

    Seriously Dave, I don’t think I was ever the hero to you that you are to me.
    You’ll be back in the saddle.

    Dad -N- Jan

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