Camp Lynda 2.0 Details

CL 2.0 is on. Today is 55F and the long term forecast is peachy. We are polishing up the final routes but it looks something like this.

Meeting point daily at Starbucks, 1091 N Bluff St # 401, St George.

Day 1 meet 10 am. Same route as last year. About 5-6 hours if you go the whole way. Out and back up along Powerline, Church Rocks, Prospector and Silver Reef. There is a water spigot at Red Cliffs we pass twice doing the out and back. Last year this day was supposed to be a loop but we chopped it into an out and back (which is actually longer than doing a loop!) because of an impassable mucky road at the high point. It turned out the out and back was really fun cause we got to see everyone and do some regrouping on the way back. So we are keeping it that way.

Prospector Trail

Day 2 meet 10 am. St George single track smorgasbord. The mileage isn’t big on this day, about 38ish miles. The fun factor is and it will take about 3 hours to complete the route if you drill it. 5 hours if you stop for all the views and petroglyphs. Lotsa bail out points on this one to shorten it. Anasazi Trail, Barrel Roll, lower Cove wash, Green Valley race course, Barrel Cacti and Zen trail. Yummy :-)

Barrel Roll Trail

Zen Trail

More Zen trail

Day 3 meet 8am – that’s right I will drag myself out of bed early and be on time this year I promise. This is the big fat Queen stage. A hundie – well close, it maps out to 104 miles in Topofusion. This is a big bad route heading from town out to the Arizona Strip. If you haven’t ranged far out there this is your chance. On the way we will do an out and back jog up to the top of Starvation Point to see the Virgin River Gorge views cause they are gorgeous. After Starvation Point the route looks like a figure 8 so you can easily short cut. We will pass Coyote Spring. You can filter water here. I think it tastes bad, kinda limey but Dave thinks it tastes fine. There are several short cuts on this route. The whole route at a good clip I’m guessing will come out in the 8-9 hour range. Hence the early start this day. It starts downhill so will be chilly. Bring your ear muffs for this start. It may be in the 20-30F’s.

View south off Starvation Point

Goatheads are EVERYWHERE here. You will not survive an hour at Camp unless you have tubeless tires filled with fresh Stans sealant or slime tubes. Carry 2 tubes with you too! Be warned, they are everywhere… Stans disappears so crack open your tires and pour some fresh stuff in there before Camp.

Camp motto is self supported. Come ready to be independent and self sufficient in every aspect. Bring your gps, a map, know where you are going. Bring your own food, water and tools. Come with your bike working. Know your limits and when to choose a short cut home. Bring lotsa mojo :-)

We will post gps files of the routes later.

6pm Fri at Bajio 1091 N Bluff St # 103, St George, UT
6pm Sat at
 Golden Corral 42 S River Rd # 10, St George, UT

Best hotel locations? Anything on St George Blvd or Bluff St is good.

What else? Post questions here.

14 replies on “Camp Lynda 2.0 Details”

  1. Hey, What’s up with all of this reverse trash talk? I’m the one who is REALLY the slowest. I’d like to join you. I promise to leave all of the cold and snow up here in the Pacific Northwest when I drive down. Can’t wait to have some rideable singletrack in January. And seriously, I am the official sweep of most rides!
    Dave K

  2. Jordan – you bet it’s SS friendly :) LW and I are racing OP on the SS so of course CL has been structured to meet our training objectives. Last year I think I ran a 32.17 (26er) on day 1 and that was a good gear. Day 2 is more technical in spots with steep bits…I’d suggest a slightly easier gear for that day. Day 3 is faaaaast. I’ll be on a 33.16 on a 29er if that tells you anything. The route does have 2 longer climbs but overall it’s a ripper.

  3. Jordan – I’ll prolly SS all three days. On my 26er I am thinking Day 1= 34×19 and 2= 34×20 is probably spot on if I can be bothered changing my gear on Fri evening. Day 3 = 34×16. I might put gears on for Day 3 tho… That’ll be decided over carbo loading at Golden Corral on Saturday night.

    Dave C – We are hoping Meridith will be here for camp so designed Saturday night dining to fit her palate. They have a soft serve ice-cream machine there.

  4. Sweet i’m excited. I’m in and bringing 2 other fools, I mean enduronuts. I volunteer to be towed by anyone who wants. I will shout obscene comments from the rear and stop pedaling hard on every hill and corner exit. It will help you get in great shape I promise!

    But seriously, can’t wait to ride some sweet dirt again.

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