Camp Lynda Day One Details

January 12th. Day 1 of Camp Lynda is the big Silver Reef Loop. Starting at Desert Cyclery Bike shop at 9am sharp. 1091 North Bluff Street, #1503, St George. We’ll head up the road and into the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve.  Catch the Powerline Trail to Mill Creek, over to Church Rocks, along Prospector Trail to Red Cliffs. A quick fill up at the campground spigot then up to Silver Reef. From there head up and up some more up the Oak Grove road and left back towards St George. Catch a final detour through Diamond Valley and back down home. About 55 miles.

Desert Cyclery, # 435-674-2929 is offering a ship and tune-up service. Ship your bike to them. They’ll unpack it, tune it up and at the end of the camp pack it back in a box and ship it home for you. Cost is $55 plus the cost of shipping back to your home. For US only. Sorry BC boyz they can’t ship to Canada for anything near a reasonable cost.

Church Rocks


Prospector Trail

Road heading back towards St George

Here’s the overview map for day 2.

The profile says don’t get too carried away in the first 20 miles ;)

The attached .zip file contains two files: 

– campLynda1.gdb is the Mapsource format. 
– campLynda1.gpx is the open GPX format.

The files are essentially the same aside from the format.  There is more control over track naming from Mapsource so you may find that useful. 

The files contain 2 tracks.  This is not obvious looking at the gpx in TopoFusion, but is quite obvious in Mapsource.  The region around the Church Rocks trail (roughly mile 12.5 to 15.0)  is hard to follow so a short but detailed track is included for that area.  The 250 point limit to tracks in the Garmin units make the dual tracks a necessity.