Camp Lynda event bible

Everything you need to know in one post.  Well, mostly.

Survival tips are here.

Archive of all Camp Lynda posts is here.

GPS files:  attached to this post is a single MapSource file containing all tracks and waypoints for Camp Lynda.  If you are using a garmin gps (and who isn’t?) use this file in MapSource to upload the tracks so names will be preserved.  If you are uploading from any other software, use the individual gpx files from previous posts.


Day 1: Saturday, Jan 12

Day 2: Sunday, Jan 13

Day 3: Monday, Jan 14

  • arrive 7:45 AM, rollout 8 AM, Sheep Bridge.  See day 3 post and gps file for details on Sheep Bridge location.
  • leave nothing on trail.
  • leave spent and grinning.

Post questions here, unless personal, then shoot an email to