Camp Lynda routes and files

All 3 routes are in this zip file:  Camp Lynda 2009 Routes.  Alternatively, each day’s file can be downnloaded from each day’s link.

The big overview map of Camp Lynda 2009:

Day 1

We’ll start off just like last year with an out and back to the high point above Silver Reef.  Along the way we’ll put tracks on T Bone hill, Church Rocks and Prospector trails.  There is a year-round spigot at Red Cliffs park – note the waypoint.  This makes it a 2 bottle ride (or one for true camels).  5+ hours on this day.  More flow than tech today.

Go full size on the pic below for an inset showing directional arrows for the Church Rocks section.

There is one significant bit of climbing to the turnaround point.  The elevation is high enough we may get turned back early by conditions…haven’t been there for awhile so we’ll find out together.

Day 2

Day 2 features the best singletrack on Bloomington Mesa.  Anasazi, Barrel Roll, Green Valley racecourse, Barrel Cacti, and Zen.  And, my favorite:  Starbucks ;)

The route is slightly confusing if you don’t know it…look to the green direction arrows for clues, and of course open it in TopoFusion to get the real detail you need.  We do the 2nd downhill of Green Valley Racecourse 2 times.  The first time down we’ll turn right onto Barrel Cacti before the end of the descent, the next time down we keep cruising on to Zen.  Clear as mud?   Maybe this will help.

There are no long climbs but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any climbing.  Lots of rolling terrain with the most challenging climbs at the end in Zen.  If you’ve had enough before the end, all routes east lead to town.

Day 3

Naturally, we’ve designed the routes with our next race objective in mind.  That’d be Old Pueblo 24, SS.  Today’s route is long and fast, just like OP.  There are 2 significant climbs, but overall the route is very fast and non-technical.  A dirty century is on tap.

 If you’re bringing the SS, tall gearing is required.  I’ll probably go with 33.16 on a 29er and I’m a high cadence guy.  There will be walking in about 5 spots, but the rest should be fine ;)

Elevations for this file are not exactly correct – had to use DEM data.  High point is closer to 3800, not 5k’.  At 5k’ there is white stuff in these parts.  Distance, if anything, is underestimated.

No promises on the weather but it doesn’t seem to change much lately.

7 replies on “Camp Lynda routes and files”

  1. Hi Dave and Linda,

    I’m really excited to come this year and hope to do all three days. I got the in-laws green valley condo and will have a couple more guys staying with.

    I just down loaded day 2, but it looks slightly different than the picture above. Is that last years?

    See you soon,

  2. Kenny! I’m psyched to hear you are coming. We’ll have a good group again this year.

    Where did you download day 2 from? You should get the file for this year from right clicking the “Day 2” link in this post, choose “save target as”, select “all files”, then save it. If you got the file from somewhere else (like the HFX blog from last year?) it would be different.

    Does this clear it up?

  3. Nice lookin’ maps there Dave. Great to see the color aerials in good use. ;) I have other fish to fry that weekend, but I’ll make it out to CL one of these years!

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