Camp Lynda V4.0 Debrief

That was the best camp we have had yet! The weather was ride perfect, company a blast and St George trails in tippy-top form.

I had a total blast creating a huge fatigue monster in my body which has currently swallowed my blogging skills. I’m reduced to a bulleted list in the void of flowing coherent prose.

  • As always, Camp Lynda wasn’t about me (whew ;-) . All the people who came, made Camp Lynda a very special event to be at. Mountain bikers are some of the finest characters on the planet.
  • I rode with some old friends and made some new ones as did everybody else.
  • We had a few awards this year given out at dinner on Saturday evening for impressive feats at camp.
  • I don’t think anybody bled, bonked or broke a frame! At least I didn’t hear of it while accepting award nominations at dinner on Saturday evening. Only 1 broken pedal was reported later.
  • Zeke passed a kidney stone which made him late for the Day 2 start, but won him a bag of Carborocket.
  • Carey nose wheelied down a rock drop in front of a gasping crowd but pulled it out with her ninja bike skills to win the socks and can of CR333.
  • JK caught Carey’s ninja bike skills on yet another tech section on video
  • This post camp e mail I received sums it up  “I met a lot of really cool people this weekend! It was a great opportunity for me to ride with experts and pros in a non-competitive atmosphere, it was totally inspiring, thanks again!”
  • We had ladies at camp this year. Lots of them! About a third of the campers were chickas. Strong, talented and motivated ladies with impressive race resumes, big goals for 2011 and great stories to share. They were fun to ride with and inspiring to listen to. I regret not rounding ALL the ladies up for a group shot so here is one of Carey, me, Eszter and Kat. We are girls and we like bikes, a lot :-)
  • We had more ladies finish the complete 75 mile route on Sunday than men. Go girls!!!

  • DH missed out on most rides cause he had to work (shock/gasp/bummer). Instead he sat at his desk and watched our Spots move about the desert with the new mobile app he made It was the first real live test of his app and he declared it a success.
  • A select group of us ended up at Golden Corral for dinner on Saturday AND Sunday – that is an endurance feat right there!!!
  • I saw more pink bottles of CarboRocket on bikes than anything else this weekend. I think Brad has some magic in there.
  • I was pathetic at taking photos all weekend but Facebook has hundreds!
  • Adam has fantastic pics and words about camp as always
  • Marshall took lots of photos and shared them Day 1, Day 2, Day 3.
  • We had more Brads at this camp than Daves which is a first
  • Another Brad suggested making Camp Lynda 2012 into a fundraiser for St George trail maintenance. I think that is a splendiferous idea and will make it happen in some format.
  • Camp Lynda in 2012 will remain self-supported. It is the self-supported philosophy that draws the kick-ass people that make Camp Lynda great.
  • Dave and Michelle Byers gave me a thank-you gift of a pound of dark chocolate and a bag of Peets coffee (and some other goodies – thank-you).
  • I would publicly like to state I am happy to accept gifts in the form of dark chocolate and coffee.
  • I am currently using dark chocolate and coffee to assist with post camp withdrawals and taming the fatigue monster I have with me today.

JK brought his camera to camp this year instead of his usual monsoon contribution which was most appreciated and put together a daily show for us. I totally dig his vids so here is our daily camp flow. Big thanks for making and sharing your movies Jeff!!

Last and definitely not least I want to give a BIG thanks to the other half of 2-Epic, DH (a.k.a Dave Harris). Camp Lynda is as much his child as mine even tho’ it has my name. We created it together and DH puts in at least half, if not more, of the behind the scenes work. We called it Camp Lynda as a joke the first year cause we thought it was a girly name for a hard camp! Brad mentioned the first year he was expecting punch and cookies and to maybe play lawn darts. The second year we tried changing it to Camp 2-Epic but the moniker Camp Lynda had stuck and nobody called it Camp 2-Epic anyway.

DH’s personal camp experience this year was cut short by too much work and a torn tire. He is half of Camp Lynda… Love ya DH :-) XXX

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  1. Thanks for the desert ride report. We’ve had stellar riding conditions along the FR this season thus far but right now…it’s -10F and snowing lightly.


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