Camp Lynda

St George is a great place to ride in the winter, well unless it is raining. Binge training is one of my fav things to do. I wanna share both, hence Camp Lynda. Come down to the desert and ride yourself silly for a few days. Go home so tired you can’t think straight. Sound good? You’re in?

It will be self supported, no waivers and no fee. I’ll post a gpx file of the route and longer route options for the truly manic. You can ride with or solo. Dave is even talking about previewing part of his top secret Trans Utah (St George to Moab) route at the camp.

I’m polling for ideas here?

  1. Date – what works for you?
  2. Format – 3 or 4 days?
  3. Other ideas?

This is what St George looks like in January. Ya might need a vest and arm warmers and if you are a desert bunny you will need tights and booties.

Jem trail in January

Zen Loop in January

Paradise Canyon in January