Canadian Cloud 9

Has anyone seen the ground?  I can’t seem to find it. 

TransRockies is a larger than life experience.  Even during the event it was obvious an indelible mark was being imprinted on my psyche;  it was a week without comparison and words can never explain the full impact.  Yet, this is a blog, and since I took no pictures cause I was racing my ass off, the written word must suffice.  Bear with me as I struggle to find firm footing…

The highs were many and came at us every day.  The lows were few, but made their presence known a time or two.  The competition was fierce.  Our teamwork was unstoppable, our bag of tricks deep, our lucky charms endless.  When all was said and done, we had won the open mixed field, winning 6 of 7 stages with just under 33 hours of racing.  15 podium appearances, 16 medals, 14 leader’s jerseys, several new friends.

But that is simply the destination; the beauty is in the journey.