Dixie maps!

I’ve put a couple of maps together.  They will get a bit more polish but hey here is a start: Detailed topo including trail names here:  http://2-epic.com/maps/311map.html Google earth version (requires the google earth plugin):  http://2-epic.com/maps/3113dmap.html Disclaimers:  I haven’t loaded the D-lite yet, and these are not high res tracks. Enjoy :)

The Dixie Lite

Let’s say you are really interested in the Dixie 311 but want to save some juice for CTR, or maybe the 311 is just a bit too much for the amount of time you have.  I have the answer – Dixie Lite!  Many of the great trails of the 311 with the more remote sections […]

Ironman St George 2010

Ironman came to town last weekend and St George was gripped all over with Ironman fever – it was fun stuff and I got right in the heart of it!! It was a first time event here. The City of St George and residents alike embraced it with gusto. I think half the town came […]

Cohutta imagery

For the most part, we had a great time for our trip to the SE.  My race went a bit better than I expected and Lynda, well she got nailed by lightning.  Not much you can do about that.  A race ender for sure, but lucky to be alive (She is fine now). The trip […]

The Desert Rat

Reposted from the Desert Rat cause I love this long forgotten piece of Abbey : Your desert rat is basically just another poor bare forked featherless biped, like the rest of us, but he has certain distinguishing features: a permanent squint, a hide well pricked with cactus acupunctures, the big toes all purple and dead from […]

The Dixie Three Eleven

New website for this race:  http://2-epic.com/events/dixie311.html Be sure to check out the maps:  http://2-epic.com/maps/311map.html Unless you are doing TD there’s a big blank spot on the multi-day calendar in June. I have a solution:  The Dixie Three Eleven! 311 miles of bikepacking bliss awaits.  The route includes the choice parts of Trans Utah – Virgin […]