My tagline for the last decade has been “Mom-Coach-Racer-Not always in that order”. Usually it all threads together nicely with each taking turns at the front. I didn’t expect 2010 to be any different for me. Expectations are funny things when seen with hindsight and curiosity. 2010 started right on target with a great race […]

Back in the desert

It was hard to leave Crested Butte but nice to be back in the warm dry desert We did escape to 10k for a couple of days for a little camping a little hiking a little flying a little silliness Meanwhile, Dave has dropped out of Colorado Trail Race – his stories to come later […]

Magic wish moments

We are in Crested Butte!! It has been non-stop since we got here. Emma and I were IN the 4th July parade with the Save the Red Lady (a mountain under the threat of mining) float We dressed up the tag-a-long Wes has been rippin up the trails with impressive form Today was heaven on […]