Guinea Pigs

One gear, one GPS, one Power-Tap, one rider… One baggie of mashed potatoes and carrots – post Thanksgiving ride food – yum… Yesterdays ride food was a baggie of Mac n’ cheese. That went down very, very well too – yum. I’m experimenting with new ride foods. If it fits in a baggie, I’ll give it […]

Single Power

My Single Speed got a new rear wheel today. With a Power-Tap hub in it. It’s gonna kick off some data and tells us all what all this one gear pedaling stuff actually looks like. I don’t think the powers seen are as high as others do. Shortly we will know… One of the fun […]

My SS story

Well it seems now I have an SS training partner and he tends to like to take things to extremes when an idea takes hold of him. Look out. So far I have just whipped around on wee fast rides on my SS but yesterday manic enveloped me in his new found SS enthusiasm and we went […]

So that’s how this works…

So many of my posts come across I’m sure as some desert whacko’s ruminations.  Not too many folks can identify with that. But…if I want some feedback all I have to do is look for common ground, right?  Like single speeding? Yesterday’s ride was pure bliss.  There’s this climb I really like, takes well over […]

KISS principal

Mon-Fri the past month this is the only bike I’ve touched. Darn ghetto, eh?  I’ve had this 9.8 frame for maybe 5 years now and it’s seen all sorts of use, but has never been set up for long at any one time.  It’s current lifeform is w/ the Surly singleator + SS conversion kit.  […]