Chammy Time

Yesterday went something like this: Feed kidz – eat – drop kidz off at school – ride big – pick kidz up from school – bake brownies – feed kidz – eat more – ride more – eat more. Ride day tally was 300 TSS. Calorie tally = I’m scared to add it up but I ate big too. Simple kinda day. The high hit 62F today – perfect for spending most of it in a chammy. Near the end of my first ride I ran into KC and Chris Holley and had fun riding with them for a little bit. It is always a big bonus to share some trail time with folks who love riding as much as I do.

The MadDog team is down in St George for a little warm weather riding this weekend and I hooked up with them for a night ride over on the Bear Claw Poppy trail. There were seven of us. Outside of a race I’ve never ridden at night with so many folks. It was awesome.

I was first down the drops and it was really cool to look back up and see all the twinkling light winding their way down.


Doesn’t make for such a good photos tho’. I was styling my Cree3 light and got plenty comments about the sheer volume of blinding light it was putting out.

I got back home from the night ride after 10 pm and stepped up to the challenge of eating all of the cereal available in the house! Binge city! My New Years resolution to lose 5 lbs is right on track – I’ve dropped 1 lb per week since January 1st so only 1 lb left to my Old Pueblo race weight goal. It’s perfect time for a binge.

Today is off the bike but busy with lots of kidz activities. We have to make more brownies today – there’s none left from yesterdays batch :-o

Currently Wesley is disgusted at the poor GameBoy skills Emma and I have. Mine are marginally better than Emmas. He is so horrified at the situation he can’t even watch us playing it and keeps having to take it off us to “get us to the next level”. There is a reason it is called GameBOY…