Colorado Trail Race update Day 1

Race clock right now stands at 1 day and 10 hours. Dave’s SpotDot has been moving along the trail nice and steady. He camped last night right where he had in mind before the start – right on plan.

Jeff Higham posted some videos of the CTR start on his blog (thanks Jeff – great to see!). The first 48 seconds of this one are Dave!

I’m assuming he is doing well because I haven’t heard a peep from him! Last year in CTR by this time he was on the phone to me from a hotel bed in Leadville describing a hefty dose of what he called altitude poisoning… He is well past Leadville right now.

Below is the CTR tracker. New this year is a  current radar box to click to see where the precipitation is falling. You have to go to the CTR tracker website to activate the radar overlay. The radar overlay is not active on the tracker I embedded below.

Yesterday rain fell pretty much everywhere on every racer. Wet wet. They are a tough bunch out there!! My office is feeling nice and dry :-)