Crazy CO weather

We are in Colorado this week on vacation. Every year we spend a week here at the grandparents and every year I relearn how crazy the CO mountain weather is.

Tuesday arm warmers and leg warmers were on and off, rolled up and down constantly. Fab day tho’ 45 miles on the Colorado Trail, which has seen a lot of trail work since I rode it last year. It is in superb shape.

One of grandmas best talents is baking and we are fueling the riding with cake and brownies. I’m riding very well on brownies this week :-)

Today was awesome. The weather here was super stormy. Rain and snow showers all around but somehow I managed to churn out 5 hours/ 305 TSS in the sun with a tail wind. Every time I changed direction the wind shifted to my back. I pedaled in the sun watching rain shafts move around me and snow hit the fourteeners.

Stop to shed the layers

Cruising down a wet road. The rain was in front of me and behind me but never on me. It was a bubble day.

Kidz got a kick out of the snow. Wesley lost a tooth this afternoon. We couldn’t find it. Maybe he swallowed it or maybe the tooth fairy swooped right in and took it out of his mouth. We will have to wait until tomorrow morning for the answer under his pillow…