Cross Training Day

I’m having a low volume bike week to freshen up for the final build up to Old Pueblo . Sunday was off the bike but I got in nine hours of cross training. This was my activity of choice.

Suburban Cross Training… It’s hard work pushing this machine around, filling it up and emptying it. To add a bit more fun into the mix I put on my X-vest for a few hours. Here is Katie and Co showing how it’s done X-Vest style. I loaded mine up with 20lbs for a serious session of Domestic Functional Core Training (TM). Carpet shampooing with a weight vest – now that is too much fun.

The fun was ebbing for sure by about 3pm and with 2 vehicles, a sofa and one bedroom left to shampoo I cracked open a bottle of EnduroFX. I’ve never taken Enduro before and given its ingredient list thought it was a good idea to try it off the bike first.

What are the ingredients in EnduroFX?

Ingredients per one capsule: 750mg proprietary thermogenic blend of zhishi, green tea extract (standardized to 95% polyphenols, 40% EGCG), salicylate, caffeine, L-tyrosine, yohimbe extract.

ZING!!!! After 2 capsules I was feeling pretty good and attacked those mystery lumps of congealed stuff on the backseats with vigor. 2 capsules felt good so at 4pm I thought 2 more capsules would be better – ZING-ZING!! My cars have never been so clean since the day they rolled off the dealer lot.

Still pumping at 8pm I took a trip to Wal Mart with both of the kids. My kids love a trip to Wal Mart and were in 7X hype mode. We got one of those huge carts that have a seat in the back for 2 kids. They’re tricky to drive without crashing into stuff on a good day and normally 2 kids hyping all over it like it’s a jungle gym at 8pm on a Sunday evening would be a huge challenge to my good mom demeanor, but not last night – a Sunday evening Wal Mart run with the kids has never been so fun before. Thanks EnduroFX.

Shane if you’re reading this I have a few questions ’cause I could get addicted to this stuff… Is it good for me? Is it legal? Should I be allowed out in public and behind the wheel of a vehicle after taking 4 of them?

It didn’t wear off until 2am when I finally was able to fall asleep. I’ll be taking a bottle of that stuff down to 24-Hrs of Old Pueblo for sure :-)