Cross Training

It’s just not so ride friendly here right now. We have a mix of trails too wet and soft to be ridden without destroying them and snow too slippy to ride on. Disappointingly some out of towners took the liberty of riding their bikes on one of my favorite trails here this weekend that is fragile¬†when wet. I hope they didn’t damage it too badly.

People, please stay off the trails until you will not trash them. If you HAVE to mtb, ride Paradise Canyon, Prospector and Church rocks. They are sand and slickrock and are resilient to wet riding. Respect the locals and the trails and stay off Barrel Roll and Stucki and Bear Claw etc please.

Bring your road bike. The pavement is fine here.

Bear Claw single-track stayed bumpy all year this year after some yeehaws rode their bikes along it on a wet day in February and put ruts in it that solidified and lasted all year. It turned a fun trail into one to avoid.

So it is cross training time for us here…

Some arm work

and a little running

Smiles for Santa!

Wes still fits on Santa’s lap

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