CTR finisher

A moniker I’ll claim with pride, it did not come easy.  Not even remotely.

Photo credit Mike Curiak

The challenges were many.  Sometimes curveballs from the route, sometimes from my gear, constantly from the altitude…but most often from within.

On Georgia pass I learned I wouldn’t be racing this one.  At treeline I only wanted to lay down and sleep.  Movement was slow motion through heavy fog.

Surprises around every corner it seemed.

Companionship that I didn’t know was possible in a “race” setting.

And a return home to a love grown stronger.

I am tired, skinnier than ever, feverish and sick even – yet full of contentment for having completed the beast against a stacked deck, and for how fortunate I am to have a few great people in my life.

And Stefan:  thank you so much for presenting the challenge.

More later when I’m actually coherent ;)

12 replies on “CTR finisher”

  1. Job well done Dave. You’re an inspiration to many of us. Enjoy your rest – you’ve more than earned it.

  2. Hey there Skinny,

    Congrats on conquering the beast! I recommend copious amounts of cupcakes from you know where…preferrably the peanut butter ones. :) Recover well and hopefully I will see you before the January Camp Lynda.

  3. Well done, Dave! Rest up. Eat up. Love Deeply.

    It was wonderful seeing your crackheadself fly by for even those fantastic 2 seconds ;-)))))

    Huge hugs to you…


  4. hmmm….I’m not sure? Perhaps on the old Grand Loop blogs from ’06.

    There’s a ton of info on bikepacking.net. There’s a section on bikepacking bike setups with full gear lists from several forum members. Lots of good stuff, it’s the best place to inquire about what works and what doesn’t.

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