CTR take two

A lot can happen in a year.

1 year ago I started what would be the most difficult ride of my life. There were parts of that ride I was in denial about how hard I was being hit by the altitude, and my determination to continue (in retrospect) is still somewhat suspect.

1 year later I sit here in the Plesko’s home, relaxed, and committed to racing CTR. It will be most challenging to overcome remaining muscle memory of last year’s ride, but it is a challenge I welcome. I am fresh this time around, the bike has a small ring, the kit is at least 15 lb lighter, and we spent the last month in Crested Butte living at 9,300′. The things within my control I’ve done my best to prepare for…the rest? Well that’s why we do these things ;)

Doubly exciting this time around – the CTR training plan that LW and I wrote has been in use by 6-7 riders in prep for this year’s event. It will be fun to meet them at the start and share stories afterwards.

At the end of the day it’s all about seeking those brief flashes of intense living. IME being as prepared as possible, and then bumping up against and overcoming new found limitations is a sure way to seek out the white light.

To all the CTR racers, good luck, be safe, and best wishes for some intense living. For everyone else, follow along at trackleaders.com and start scheming for your own ride on the CT!

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