Dawn til Dusk 2009 Race Report

The drive to the race start looked like this.


I went to Walmart and bought some Wellies so I could retrieve our pit stuff. They were almost sold out so I had to get size 10.

Wanna race in this? Not me thanks… We never did find out what happened with the race. It initially was postponed 2 hours then ??? Communication was not happening. We hiked out our pit stuff and hightailed home.

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  1. WellI guess we all contributed to the local economy at least and perhaps someone, somewhere will decided to pave that darn road…or at least throw some gravel on it! We’ve always gone lite with pitting there since it’s so close to the parking area, and it worked well for us. Drove the event early AM and it was pretty darn obvious it was going to be canceled, regardless of what they were saying early on….so we never set up shop. Just a bit of mud on the car and once I made the right hand turn on that road I decided right then and there to turn around and leave…….I figured as soon as others started driving on it the mess would worsen. Also there was no way the course would have been dry for Sunday if it just stopped raining at 6am either….. Oh well, you pay them for bad days like this and it will be there on the sunshine days in the future.

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