December Category A ride

On Sunday morning looking forward at the weather forecast we saw the following week not so appealing for training. Training thus got thrown out of the window, Topofusion was opened and big spendy Sunday ride planning began.

We rolled out bright and early at 11am… Not quite enough time to pull this one off in the daylight – teeheehee!! Twas ok we brought lights.

It turned out to be a spectacular route. Especially the descent along Hole-N-Rock Canyon. Eye popping beautiful.

The dark blue line is the Utah-Arizona border.

Before we even started pedaling we saw this sign which totally cracked Dave up – which made me crack up too. I love hanging out with Dave as we crack each other up all the time. The silly mood was the theme of the day. Seems we spent most of the day laughing!

We got pretty far “out there” on this ride and encountered lots of things that seemed to crack us up.

Like this backscratcher. I’d never seen anything like it and yes it cracked me up!! Dem cowboys like their cows.


Where’s Waldo?

This one tickled Dave’s funny-bone. In the middle of nowhere a monitor hanging from a tree by a bungee racked full of bullet holes.

Big ride, lotsa laughs. Category A day. Nice.

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