If you haven’t yet checked out the creative genious that is Team Dicky, get on over there.  

He’s a talented singlespeed enduro nut with (apparently) bulletproof knees.  He’s done TransRockies on a SS (the first perhaps?), and this year will do Iron Bike, a multi-day MTB epic race in Italy with an incomprehensible set of rules.  In Italy, they  have no clue what singlespeed *is*, and generally seem to think he’s insane.  I think they’re right.

I asked him why he singlespeeds, and the response…well this is simply must read material.  Resonse #1Response#2.  He has a way with words that sums up what it is all about to be an endurance cyclist…with a bit of flare.  Two of his phrases stick with me, have become a mantra of sorts:

“Anything worth doing is worth overdoing”, and

“I don’t come for the kill.  I come for the killing.”

Keep it coming Rich!  And if those knees ever start to weaken…