Dixie 200 Snowpack Watch

I’ve been getting quite a few inquiries about how the big snowpack might affect the Dixie 200 this year.

Short answer: it will go regardless of snow conditions. If there is significant snow remaining the week prior I will re-route to dryer ground.

Long answer: the Paunsaugunt is snow-free. The real problem area is from the Spruce trail to Navajo, a roughly 30 mile segment. The Virgin River Rim trail is melting out nicely and I think it will be fine.

The Midway Valley SNOTEL site is very close to the route. The snowpack right now up there is the highest on record for this date.

Midway Valley SNOTEL

I’ve added a snow model layer to the maps. It’s a bit of a kluge but you get the idea…the maps on BlueDot are a lot nicer ;) Keep in mind this is a model, not actual…and I’ll tweak the course in the final week based on conditions on the ground.

The course additions I was thinking of earlier? Those are still in the deep purple areas, 100+ inches still there in June!

Click the image to go to the live map. Check out the new route file with waypoints on the Dixie 200 page.

This snow has everyone scrambling! The next one to be scrambling in the area is the Crusher ;)